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If you are new to leasing a property or granny flat for the first time yourself it can be a daunting experience. There are many factors to think of about how to lease out a property or granny flat such as:

How much bond to protect my property should I ask for?

How much rent should I charge?

Should I allow pets and if so do I need additional clauses in my rental agreement between me and the tenant?'

How should I setup my property for the tenant?  What amenities should I offer and do I include services such as electricity in the rent?

Should I consider short term rentals & should I therefore offer my property furnished or unfurnished?   Our article here may help

Our founder of GrannyFlat Rental has worked in the realty industry for many years, in many roles, managing and holiday letting properties for owners. She has also leased her own property, including a loft style granny flat with a duplex below, and understands the quality and service your property manager should provide you.  We can help you by sending out an agent to appraise and help you along the way. 

A good Property Manager can help answer all these questions and more. We  have some general help articles around some of these topics in our blog which we are growing weekly. Those new to leasing however, we would recommend using an experienced, good quality, property manager.


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