At GrannyFlat Rental our mission is to build a community connected through the care of shared living. Where we all belong to a safe space in this fast paced world. Where we can utilise the strengths of one another to benefit the wellbeing of our environment. A happier sense of place.

GrannyFlat Rental is allowing our property owners to advertise their granny flats, studios or unique secondary dwelling directly on our site or through their agent, in their own marketplace. Once specifically built for them, with an understanding that they often share their own footprint with their tenant.
We are also there for the people in our communities to find the property they need easily as they can see whether it is pet friendly, or furnished in a timely manner. They also have a support if unsure how to apply for property for first time renters. The long term goal is to enable ease of finding the right, reliable home for the right reliable tenant.

At GrannyFlat Rental we aim for our clients to find great tenants and renters to find a special place to ‘rent & stay’ or holiday & play’. A safe haven as a home should be. We are building communities of care. We aim to keep an attentive eye on the quality of property listed and supporting our customers in a timely and personal manner.

We would love to hear from you if you can help in any way with this goal or have any suggestions we can implement in our long term strategy. Please contact us at .