We Care

 We care about building communities of compassion for fellow neighbours through the Shared Living Scheme. We are also creating our own HomeShare initiatives to help the young and old, or residents in need.

GrannyFlat Rental is encouraging property owners to advertise their granny flats, studios, duplexes or unique secondary dwellings in their own unique property market place specifically built for them, and we aim to grow with their needs.

We also encourage property managers and Best Practice Realty Agencies to advertise through in the hope that they can find great tenants through our wonderful members looking for granny flats and be a part of our respectful and caring initiative to create better living experiences and neighbourhoods.

We hope the people in our community find the property that will suit their needs easily and help with support around how to apply, and how to be the best tenant that agencies and owners love. The long term goal is to enable ease of finding the right, reliable home for the right reliable tenant.

We also care about your experience using our property portal and look forward to your feedback, or, if you would like to get involved in our mission please contact us at .

Our Startup Story

 When relocating to Sydney, for education and work, finding a safe place to live as a mother and daughter was challenging, especially with our pet dog, Yoshi. Concerned about moving to the wrong environment, needing efficient transport and a good community was of high importance. Suddenly the thought of renting a granny flat came to mind. It would most likely be in a residential area with larger blocks of land, and more homely. It would save buying or moving furniture initially. Expenses would be lower, as electricity, wifi and amenities are often included. It was the perfect solution.

Granny flats are unique and often furnished, yet there were no specific sites to find them. We had uncovered a gap in the rental market. You were either searching through masses of listings in rental sites or they were hidden amongst holiday rentals. Hence GrannyFlat Rental was born to address the needs of the granny flat owner and the granny flat, secondary dwelling renter.

We thank the wonderful granny flat owners who made our move back to Sydney a happy experience.

We are always open to suggestions so GrannyFlat Rental can grow with your needs. Please contact us at with your feedback.

Our Vision

"To reduce homelessness & keep the aged safe in place."

GrannyFlat Rental Mission Statement

To build community connection through shared living care.
Where we all belong to a safe space in this fast-paced world.
Where we can utilise the strengths of one another
to benefit the wellbeing of our environment.


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