Currently, we are offering one free trial to list your granny flat or studio, Just mention may I have my one free trial in an email after you have uploaded your granny flat through the List a Property Form button. The regular fee is $25.00 once off to list a rental. Short Stay/Holiday is $50 bi-annually. List your secondary dwellings besides a granny flat, such as a home split into a duplex or studio, a cabin, tiny home or converted boat/shed. Enquire about social media ads

Knowing where to start once your granny flat is almost ready to let is tricky. Read our How to Guide on Preparing your Granny Flat for Lease & Listing it for Rent On our Site. Also some tips on what to do once you think you have found the tenant right for your property. Read here

When applying for a rental an owner should ask to see or be provided with Certified Copies on Application of 100 Points of ID. A tenant needs to provide 100 points of ID when applying for a rental. Below is a sample of 100 Points of ID. What are 100 points of ID. 

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Furnished properties lean to holiday rental. The positive of this is you gain a higher return on your investment in the peak seasons if you live near the beach, lake, or a great holiday destination. The negative is that in the low season your property may be empty a lot of the time losing the gain you made. However, now with contracting being a wider style of employ in Australia you have an opportunity to offer the property for short term lease too. 

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