Building a granny flat? Be aware of the Hidden Costs

Posted on 22 August 2022



We spoke with a reputable granny flat building company and found out some hidden costs to look out for on your granny flat build quote that some builders may not mention.

We came up with this quick helpful guide on questions to ask your granny flat builder for an accurate quote:

  • Granny flat build site costs to bring up with your builder at quote time:

  1. It is rare that the land is perfectly flat - more that often there is a slope. Therefore the land will require concrete to raise the level and to cut and fill.
  2. Traffic control can become costly for unloading materials and machines, a cost past on.
  3. Bush fire levels in your area may mean higher fire rating, and if building close to another building you may need fireproofing.
  4. Scaffolding costs - in most cases these can be around $3000-4000.
  5. Connecting services and metering for water and electricity costs
  6. Ask if there any major services such as Water Lines or Storm Water drains etc located on your property that could increase costs
  7. Are there any other easements or restrictions on the land that could make a granny flat build more difficult or expensive on your sit
  •  Internal inclusions and fixtures to question your granny flat builder:

  1. Is the digital TV antenna additional cost or included in the quote?
  2. How many windows are standard?
  3. Are fly-screens standard with the windows or additional cost?
  4. Are downlight included in the quote or oyster light fittings only provided per room?
  5. How many power points?
  6. Is there shelving and draws in the built-ins or just the clothing rod?
  7. What inclusions are in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry?
  8. Any additional costs to consider, like waterproofing, tiling, shower frame/glass, drains, cabinetry, vanity and sinks if not mentioned on the quote?
  • Consider landscaping costs for your granny flat build:

Another area you may need to save or borrow funds for is the landscaping. Get a landscape quote prior the build so you do not get any shocks down the road. Show the landscaper the granny flat plans and do a site quote, so you can get an accurate idea of the additional spend after the property is built.  No point having a brand new granny flat in a muddy backyard!

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Posted by Lisa Founder GFR


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